Recycling Food Waste from Fish Morts Using Anaerobic Digestion

Waste Food: Recycling Food Waste from Fish Morts Using Anaerobic Digestion can be the best way to dispose of the food waste which the aquaculture industry produces. It also recycles the nutrients in the fish waste which can be used as a fertiliser (subject to ABP Regulations compliance). This is a case study of a project in Scotand where Landia is installing their equipment.

Landia has been awarded an important new turnkey contract in Scotland to supply pumping, mixing, ensiling and pasteurization equipment for fish morts (food waste) that will be utilised as feedstock for an expanding AD plant.

The 8m3 pasteurizer, which is fitted with Landia’s side-entry propeller mixer and equally robust dry-installed chopper pump will process the fish morts in accordance with ABP (Animal By-Products) regulations, fully approved by vets.

Landia pump for fish morts in Anaerobic Digestion.A 10m3 ensiling tank with an 18.5kW stainless steel long shaft chopper pump will also be designed, manufactured, installed and commissioned by Landia’s team of skilled engineers.

This unit recirculates and blends the fish morts into a smooth purée, before being discharged into the pasteurizer.

With the fish morts suitably mixed, pumped and pasteurized at 70 degrees Celcius by the Landia equipment, gas yields are forecast to increase significantly at the AD plant.

As well as its ensilers and pasteurizers, Landia also supplies the acclaimed GasMix AD digester mixing system and has just launched BioBuster, a new, non-pumping pre-treatment unit for AD feedstocks with high dry matter content.

Engineered to last, Landia’s AD and food waste/fish processing waste equipment is based upon a wealth of experience, developed since the company’s first agricultural slurry pump when it began trading in 1933, going on to create the world’s first chopper pump in 1950.



More Information about food waste recycling:

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14 Jun 2017 – If you live in an area that has a local food waste recycling collection service, you can use this to dispose of anything you can’t eat, or compost at home. It can be recycled into a good quality soil improver or fertiliser and even generate electricity that can be fed back into the national grid.

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When you put your food waste in your rubbish bin it often ends up in landfill, where it rots and releases methane – a harmful greenhouse gas. Most councils in Wales send their food waste to an ‘Anaerobic Digestion’ processing facility – which captures the methane and turns it into energy.

The Food Waste Network – How is food waste recycled?
Food waste or food loss is food that is discarded or lost uneaten. The causes of food waste or ….. leaves, brush, trimmings, etc. in landfills. Collection of food scraps and yard waste combined is then recycled and composted for reuse.

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?Current situation of food.

Recycling is the process of converting waste materials into new materials and objects. It is an … The composting or other reuse of biodegradable waste—such as food or garden waste—is also considered recycling. Materials to be recycled are …



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