Egg-Shaped Digesters – Strange Biogas Tanks Explained

Egg Shaped Anaerobic Digesters

Those funny looking Egg-shaped digester tanks are explained here! In fact egg shaped digester manufacturers will tell you that their egg shaped anaerobic digester design,

isn’t made to look futuristic and weird just for fun. There are many

egg shaped digester advantages which make the additional cost of building those shapes worthwhile.




More Information about egg shaped digesters:

ESD™ Egg-Shaped Digesters – CB&I…/ESD™-Egg-Shaped-Digesters

The Egg-Shaped Digester is one of the most efficient and cost-effective anaerobic systems for sludge treatment. Its double-curvature shape, small top liquid …

Advances in egg-shaped digester design enhance life cycle benefits ……/advances-in-egg-shaped-digester-design-enhance-life-cycle-…

Egg-shaped digester facilities have evolved from the original German design to meet the growing treatment needs of today’s wastewater facilities.

Egg-shaped for anaerobic digestion –

1 Nov 2000 – When digesters with large capacity were required in the early 1950s the egg-shaped digester (ESD) was developed because of its structural …

[PDF]Egg Shaped Digester

Egg. Shap e. Egg Shaped Digester. DESCRIPTION. In the process of sewage disposal, sewage treatment has been an important issue. Increased efficiency of …

The plant’s four egg-shaped anaerobic digesters; the first of their kind in the country, they are of reinforced concrete construction, with external cladding.

Retrofitting Digestion Facilities with An Egg Shaped Digester

Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant – Wikipedia

The Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant is the largest sewage treatment facility operated by the New York City Department of Environmental Protection. Since 2010, its eight metallic “digester eggs,” which are 140 feet (42 meters) … The egg-shaped structures house the plant’s sludge digesters. The digesters use a …

Newtown Creek Digester Eggs –

Among the most dramatic elements of Newtown Creek’s new plant are its eight futuristic, stainless steel-clad digester eggs. Processing as much as 1.5 million …

MWRA – How the Deer Island Treatment Plant Works

Polymer is added in the secondary thickening process to increase its efficiency. Digestion then occurs in 12 distinctive egg-shaped anaerobic digesters, each 90 …




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